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"I know I’ll find someone else to love,
I know you weren’t the best out there.
But I wanted you,
I just fucking wanted you.
Whether you were the best are not"
- I don’t want the best, I want you (via missinyouiskillingme)


jackson could wear a garbage bag with nike flip flops and i would still think hes the hottest thing on this planet 

Do you want to unstan Mark Tuan?
[No] [Please]

I☆GOT7 ep 10 → Jackson moments


u can be at a fan sign in a parka with a box of chocolates talking about “oppa u really inspire me!” but not me I’m tryna get wifed I’m bending all the way over the table I would rest my damn titties ON the table don’t play w/ me

your tumblr is so lovely ♡♡♡

You’re the lovely one! Thank you so much~